Hawkeye CRM


Developed by BDC Property for the maximum benefit of our retail property clients.

Hawkeye Knows What Makes Your Business Tick

Our unique CRM platform captures every single piece of data available in the Australian market. Hawkeye will give you the full view of deals as they progress, capturing every bit of information along the way.

Turning this process into an exact science means eliminating the guesswork – allowing us to answer the question of “Why This Location?” with confidence.

Hawkeye dashboard, excluse to BDC Property

How Does Hawkeye Work?


We start with a full ‘Health-Check’ of your entire Retail Portfolio.

In-Depth Review

We take an in-depth, no nonsense look at how your business is travelling.

The Hawkeye “5-stage” evaluation

The Hawkeye system was developed by the BDC Property team to ensure that each Retail Partner has had an in depth review of both their existing portfolio and potential growth strategies and involves a multi step onboarding process.


Account set-up, reporting, sign off process, key stakeholders within the Retail business,  Strategy and implementation team leader and project manager are appointed.

Biometric Report

Biometric report is a complete genetic review of all stores in the portfolio looking at profitability, trading ecosystems, demographics and psychographics.

Traffic Light Report

Traffic Light report is a detailed action plan for each store based on the findings of step 2. they could be anything from close to relocate to renegotiate.

Growth Strategy

The results of the Biometric report will determine the retail location characteristics that need to be replicated which will ultimately determine the next target locations.


All actions are documented within Hawkeye which will then proactively manage all team members on each negotiation to ensure an efficient successful outcome.

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BDC Property are confident our “Hawkeye System” is the most comprehensive and detailed Retail Property Tool in Australia

“Our attitude is that you can never know too much and with that in mind, we collect all relevant data, compile and analyse that data and create an action plan based on our findings”

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