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How important is Retail Network Planning?

Planning your store’s location is probably the most critical decision you will make whether it’s your first store or your 50th store.

In a competitive retail landscape, the right location is a cornerstone of business success. Retail Network Planning is a strategic process that involves identifying optimal locations for stores based on a variety of factors including market demand, customer demographics, and competitor analysis.

Effective network planning is crucial as it helps retailers operate in locations where their target customers are, maximising visibility, accessibility, and profitability.

BDC Property has the Network Planning tools you need!

We are able to validate the location, reduce the risk, and make sure with confidence that the critical data has been reviewed.  Demographics, household income, competitor activity, worker population, and drive times are just some of the key pieces of data reviewed to help build your location intelligence.

Why our property team is a good fit

Our team of Property experts provides meticulous Retail Network Planning and Site Selection services to identify where and why you should locate your stores. The team is experienced in providing custom solutions tailored to your unique needs, ensuring you select locations that maximise your reach, revenue, and operational efficiency.

Optimal Location Selection

Choosing the right location is crucial. It involves studying demographic data, traffic patterns, and local competition to select sites that maximize customer access and visibility.

Specific Benefit

Locations with high visibility and foot traffic can drastically increase customer visits, consequently driving up sales and brand recognition.

Increased Sales & Profitability

Being where your customers are and making your products easily accessible is key to increasing sales. Network planning utilizes market analysis and sales forecasting to identify locations with high sales potential.

Specific Benefit

Stores in high-demand areas tend to have better sales performance, allowing retailers to maximise revenue and profit margins.

Enhanced Customer Reach

A strategically located store can reach more potential customers and serve them effectively. Network planning analyses demographic data to ensure stores are located near target customer bases, thus improving market penetration

Specific Benefit

By being in close proximity to the target audience, retailers can attract more customers and build a loyal customer base.

Comprehensive Market Analysis

Effective network planning involves thorough market research, including studying consumer behaviour, local demand, competition, and upcoming market trends in potential locations.

Specific Benefit

A deeper understanding of the market enables retailers to make informed decisions, align their offerings with consumer needs, and stay ahead of the competition.

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