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Our core business is advising Retailers on all aspects of their Retail Property Portfolio

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As a Market Leader in the Industry, we specialise in retail property services, and retail strategies, and along with our team of experts we offer a wealth of retail experience.

From the days of building and running our own retail chain businesses, our team of retail property specialists knows the headaches well. Some of us have even been on the dark side, managing Australia’s biggest landlord leasing teams. Going through the successes and the screw-ups, you wise up. You learn to ask a lot of questions, create options, and start to see the issues before they become real headaches.

With offices in Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane, our specialised retail property management team is able to advise clients on all aspects of their retail property portfolio and retail strategies. 

Take the first step...we will do the rest.

Retail Property Partner, our team offers a wealth of landlord and retailer experience

Hawkeye (Exclusive to BDC Property) was developed in-house and is our unique, data-driven CRM platform

We use our extensive data sources and our innovative Hawkeye technology to turn your business plan into an exact science. Hawkeye is our exclusive, data-driven CRM platform that we developed in-house. It allows us to analyse your market, identify your target customers, and find the best locations for your stores.

Hawkeye dashboard, excluse to BDC Property
Example of a Hawkeye dashboard

how we’ve helped our retail partners thrive

case study 3


The Client
Two branded pharmacies with mid-term leases in place and 4 years left to run.

Location A
Annual Rental $892,000 gross p.a.

Location B
Annual Rental $650,000 gross p.a.

The Challenge
Occupancy costs crippling profitability.

The Solution
BDC Property negotiated rental reductions of $142,000 p.a. and $150,000 p.a.
respectively. New 7 year leases for each pharmacy were also negotiated. A net saving (excluding escalations) of >$2.0 million over the lease term were achieved

case study 2


The Client
National retail chain of 53 company stores.

The Challenge
Average occupancy cost at 26%.

The Solution
BDC Property negotiated 15 store closures (12 mid-term and 3 lease expiry) at zero exit costs to lessee. The client achieved between 15-30% gross rental reductions for additional 28 stores on existing mid-term leases with no penalties or surrender fees. BDC returned the chain to profitability and reduced average occupancy costs from 26% to 17%

case study 1


The Client
Grew store network to 145 stores.

The Challenge
Average 23% occupancy cost across all stores.

The Solution
BDC Property conducted a complete portfolio review and immediately negotiated the closure of 16 stores (10 mid-term and 6 at lease expiry) at zero exit cost to the lessee. Over the following 3 years BDC implemented a growth strategy and grew the network to 68 stores across Australia. The client achieved an average occupancy cost of 18% with all stores contributing to head office profitability.

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